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Hydro FLOW USA, headquartered in Redmond, WA, is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the unique HydroFLOW water conditioners that are powered by the patented Hydropath technology. These environmentally-friendly devices have been distributed throughout the world for many years, but only recently entered the U.S. market. Over twenty years ago, Hydropath Technology Ltd., located in the U.K., invented a process that treats fluids by inducing a robust yet harmless signal of ±150kHz throughout plumbing systems made of any material. The pipe, and/or the fluid inside of it, acts as a conduit which allows the signal to propagate. The induction of the signal prevents scale and biofilm from accumulating inside plumbing systems and gradually removes existing deposits. This preventative action significantly reduces energy, chemical, water and maintenance costs which extends the service life of equipment and pipes.

Additional benefits of HydroFLOW

In addition to treating scale and biofilm problems, Hydro FLOW water conditioners can enhance filtration efficiency and significantly reduce corrosion in plumbing systems. It is important to note that the devices are nonintrusive and do not change the chemical composition of the fluid in the plumbing system.

What sets HydroFLOW apart from other water conditioning technologies?

Other products such as permanent magnets, electromagnets, wires coiled around pipes, etc. state they effectively treat scale and/or biofilm. These products are limited in their effect compared to HydroFLOW. Primarily, this is because they have a very weak signal, depend on flowing water, treat the scale and biofilm at a single point and their effect begins to decay as soon as the fluid passes the unit.

What are the applications for HydroFLOW?

Popular residential applications include water heaters, pools, spas, appliances, swamp coolers and wells. Commercial and industrial applications include steam boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, pools, water features and filtration systems. Additional applications and markets our technology benefits include irrigation systems, municipal potable water systems, aquaculture, reverse osmosis systems, golf courses and parks, wastewater treatment plants, shipboard water systems, mining and construction.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of our firm is to provide complete support to the clients in their current manufacturing processes with the aid of latest technologies available in the market. The end to end manufacturing solutions provided by us help the patrons more competitive in their domain. We are selling and distributing the only premium quality of equipment and supplies. We do not limit ourselves but serve all the needs of our valuable customers.