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Some Benefits of the HydroFLOW Technology

Along with treating scale and biofilm issues, Hydro FLOW water conditioners, Domestic Water Conditioner, Home Water Conditioner can improve the efficiency of filtration therefore, reduce corrosion in plumbing systems. It is important to note that the devices are nonintrusive and do not change the chemical composition of the fluid in the plumbing system.

What sets HydroFLOW apart from other water conditioning technologies?

The major difference between Hydropath Technolgy and several other physical water conditioning technology is the signal and its capability to condition the liquid solution in the overall system. In this process, the fluid is treated by inducing a robust yet harmless signals of 150 kHZ in the entire plumbing system which can be made up of any material. The fluid inside the system acts as a conduit which help the signals to spread. Induction of the signal prevents biofilm & scale from accumulating inside the plumbing systems which removes existing deposits. This preventative action reduces water, chemical, energy and maintenance costs which increase the operational life of pipes.

What are the applications for HydroFLOW?

Designed & developed in accordance to the challenging applications in today's industrial environments. The i Range provides several water treatment benefits which consists flocculation, limescale protection and biofouling control. The Industrial Range is considered more powerful in comparison to standard commercial unit. It has integrated power supply, completely waterproof and is designed for simple connection to the main power & building management systems.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of our organization is to provide complete support to the associates in their existing production processes with the aid of latest technologies available in the market. The end to end manufacturing solutions provided by us help the patrons become more competitive in their domain. We are selling and distributing only premium quality of equipment and supplies. We do not limit ourselves but serve all the needs of our valuable customers. Further, we focuses on environment-friendly and chemical-free water conditioning using the HydroFLOW technology.