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Quality, excellence, reliable service and support in HydroFLOW's chemical-free water conditioning for Mexico...

Some Benefits of the HydroFLOW Technology

In addition to treating scale and biofilm problems, Hydro FLOW water conditioners can enhance filtration efficiency

What sets HydroFLOW apart from other water conditioning technologies?

The main difference between Hydropath Technolgy and various other physical water conditioning technology

Our Mission Statement

The mission of our firm is to provide complete support to the clients in their current manufacturing processes

What are the applications for HydroFLOW?

Designed according to the challenging applications in industrial environments.


Paso Del Norte Agua Soluciones S.A. de C. V., is the exclusive distributor for Mexico of the unique HydroFLOW water conditioners , Electronic Water Conditioner that are powered by the patented Hydropath technology. These environmentally-friendly devices have been distributed throughout the world for many years, but only recently entered the Mexico market. Over twenty years ago, Hydropath Technology Ltd., located in the U.K., invented a process that treats fluids by inducing a robust yet harmless signal of ±150kHz throughout plumbing systems made of any material. The pipe, and/or the fluid inside of it, acts as a conduit which allows the signal to propagate. The induction of the signal prevents scale and biofilm from accumulating inside plumbing systems and gradually removes existing deposits. This action significantly reduces energy, chemical, water and maintenance costs which extends the service life of equipment and pipes.
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