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I Range

I Range
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Product Code : 04
Product Description


The I Range is a range water conditioner that solution for preventing harmful effects of scale, corrosion, bacteria, and algae within the industrial, commercial and agriculture sectors. These devices are increases filtration efficiency via flocculation. Apart from this, they are known for their features such as durable water conditioner that is fully encapsulated and waterproof. The IP rating of 68 (NEMA 6P). The I Range is designed for ease of installation and is simply assembled around the pipe and connected to an 87-240V AC 47-63 Hz power source. It has a standard sized units fit pipes ranging from 25mm (1”) to 200mm (7 ⅞”) maximum outer diameter. They can also be customized. It include an imbedded power supply inside the transducer and a hardwired brass electrical connector that makes it extremely robust.

Main Benefits:

  •     It dissolves and removes existing scale and prevents new scale accumulation.
  •     It boosts filtration efficiency and significantly reduces corrosion.
  •     It deactivates bacteria and algae and prevents and removes bio foul.
  •     Reduces energy consumption and has an average one to two year payback period.
  •     Increases the efficiency of water heating equipment and machinery.
  •     Eliminates or decreases chemical usage and reduces maintenance costs.
  •     Decreases the need for chemical safety precautions, storage and disposal.

Additional Benefits

  •     Non-intrusive and easy to install - no plumbing modifications required.
  •     Does not depend on water flow; treats slow-moving and standing water.
  •     Propagates the Hydropath signal along the entire water system.
  •     Provides 24 hour protection.
  •     Does not interfere with other electrical systems.


Products Details

1 Product Name & Image HydroFLOW physical water conditioner causes dissolved calcium to precipitate in the water stream, and cannot attach to pipes and equipment. HydroFLOW reduces water, energy, and chemical use, while improving water quality.
2 Sizes available: 12 different Industrial and Commercial sizes from a maximum outside diameter of 1.5 inches up to 18 inches.
3 Raw Material Used: Ferrites and other
4 Special Features: Our solutions reduce operating costs of water, energy and chemistry, which is validated with automated data collection.
5 Applications: Our water technologies deliver cost reductions that improve sustainable practices for the long term; reducing energy and chemical use, saving water, while continuously capturing data for secure cloud-based analytics.
6 Price: From $995 up to $57,456
7 Technical specifications of Ransburg Aerobell system: See below and manuals available upon serious expression of interest.
8 Brief about product: Models S38, HS48, 45i, 60i, 100i, 120i, 160i and Custom models 10 inches up to 18 inches.
9 Colors & packaging available: See following